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RMUTL cooperate with Siriraj -TCELS and network partners participate in research on the development of innovative nano dust-mite cloth mask with COVID-19 protection.
Friday 5 March 2020

On March 17, 2020, Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University together with the Center of Excellence for sciences  (Public Organization) and partner institute, that is  RMUTL and the Institute of Nuclear Technology by the support of the National Research Office  Ministry of Higher Education, Science  Research and Innovation hold a press conference "Joint Research and Development of Innovative Nano-Masks: Washable Innovative nano-masks to Protect COVID-19" at RMUTL.... >> Read more

RMUTL received a gold coin for World Skills Competitions, Thailand and opportunity to compete in Singapore
Thursday 4 March 2020

Students in Faculty of Engineering, RMUTL crowned champions for the 5th time with the gold coin of the 28th World Skill Competitions in Mechatronic team and the 4th time champions in Mobile robots team. Have the right to be a representative of Thailand to participate in the 13th ASEAN World Skill Competitions in the Republic of Singapore.   Translated by Pornchaya Techapoovanat EIC student/PRD trainee  >> Read more

RMUTL, Phitsanulok set up screening points to prevent the spread of COVID-19
Tuesday 2 March 2020

Asst. Prof. Noppadol treerat along with the executives has a policy to control the situation and prevent the spread of disease COVID-19. RMUTL, Phitsanulok set up a screening point for people who come to coordinate within the university.  At the security unit, until the situation has returned to normal.   Translated by Pornchaya Techapoovanat EIC student/ PRD trainee >> Read more

RMUTL cooperated with Chang Phueak Subdistrict Municipality to spray an antiseptic to prevent the spread of COVID-19
Tuesday 2 March 2020

On 23 March 2020, RMUTL together with the Public Health and Environment Division, Chang Phueak Subdistrict Municipality, Chiang Mai, Spraying disinfectants and cleaning in office buildings, classrooms, cafeteria throughout the university to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.   Translated by Pornchaya Techapoovanat EIC student/ PRD trainee >> Read more

Faculty of Engineering discussed the representatives from the skill development institute Chiang Mai.
Friday 5 March 2020

On March 12, 2020, Dr. Kitja Chaithanu, Dean of the faculty of engineering  along with Asst.Prof. Dr. Pinit Nuengphirom, Vice dean for Research and academic services and faculty members, along with representatives from the skill development Institute, Chiang Mai 19, to discuss the training for develop personnel to be a standard tester and registration as a testing center in accordance with the direction of human resource development policy.     Translat... >> Read more

Faculty of Science down to follow progress farmers who participate in the project in Lampang Province.
Friday 5 March 2020

On March 17, 2020, Assoc.Prof.Dr.Teerasak Urajananon, vice president for academic and student affairs, along with Dr. Piyamas Tancharoenrat, vice dean of the Faculty of science and agricultural technology, RMUTL Lampang, Asst. Prof. Charoon Sinthaworaworakul, director of RMUTL Lampang education division, and Mr.Chamnan Jaichoy, head of fisheries, Lampang joined the meeting to summarize the operation and visit the field to follow the progress of the new breed graduate program.     >> Read more

RMUTL Chiangmai organized the orientation ceremony for students year 2019 for preparing to work
Friday 5 March 2020

February 29 2020, RMUTL organized the orientation ceremony year 2019 by Assoc. Prof. Seensiri Sa-ngajit, acting for president of RMUTL, presided over the opening ceremony and gave a speech to students at the vocational certificate level  and undergraduate, RMUTL (Chiang Mai) more than 2,000 people at Chiang Mai International Exhibition and Convention Centre. At the event also had the lecture from experienced speakers to share work experience and the path to success for students.   >> Read more

Tourism and Hospitality program, RMUTL Lampang organized a simulated tour for learning in guide career
Friday 5 March 2020

Tourism and Hospitality program, Faculty of Business Administration and Liberal Arts, RMUTL Lampang, organized a simulated tour to strengthen learning in guide career for second year students in Phayao and Chiang Rai provinces between 29 February - 1 March 2020 and Learn how to work as a guide.   Translated by Pornchaya Techapoovanat EIC student/ PRD trainee >> Read more

RMUTL,Lampang organized a field trip and speaking exam into tourist attraction in Lampang.
Wednesday 3 March 2020

Western language department, Faculty of Business Administration and Liberal Art  of RMUTL, Lampang organized a field trip and speaking exam into tourist attraction in Lampang for student to practice learning with the real practice. On March 3,2020. For developing knowledge and ability to use English with speaking skills and support student to use English effectively.     Translated by:  Pichet Inkun  EIC Student/ PRD Trainee >> Read more

The Faculty of Fine Arts showcases the work of exchange students and exchange learning
Wednesday 3 March 2020

On 13 March 2020, Faculty of Arts and Architecture, RMUTL held an exhibition of student exchange work. In the visual arts and design from Guangxi Normal University, People's Republic of China, at the bachelor's and master's level of academic year 2019 by presenting this work is a summary of the study, according to the exchange program in semester 2 in which students studied art and lanna culture inspiring and show the relationship of Thai-Chinese culture beautifully.   >> Read more

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